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When the Rapala® design team created the Shad Rap®, they had been searching for the best crankbait around - one that would closely resemble bait fish the world over, cast like a bullet, work at a variety of depths and embody the legendary Rapala action. That’s a tall order for one lure, but the Shad Rap has proven itself time and time again with confidence and ease. Now the Rapala Shad Rap is the benchmark by which all other lures are measured. Considered by many to be the best running hardbait, the Shad Rap is equally effective whether cast or trolled and is designed to be fished at ultra slow to super fast speeds without any negative effects.

  • Classic Rapala Action
  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Diving Lip Design
  • Natural Baitfish Profile
  • VMC Black Nickel Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Swimming depth: 1.5-3.3m
  • Body length: 7cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Hooks: Two No.5
Thông số kỹ thuật
Hình đại diện Model Color Giá
Số Lượng Tình trạng
Rapala Shad Rap 07 - SR07 GTU UV 136,000
Mua Hàng
Rapala Shad Rap 07 - SR07 OTU UV 136,000
Mua Hàng
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