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  • This versatile model is specially designed for big fresh water predators like pike, hucho, catfish etc. Powerful, light and precise.
  • During testing in the European area, we have focused on the guide diameter that it could be used without stress even in extremely cold areas where the guide would be frozen.
  • Also it has enough power to cast big lures up to 100g, but in the other way sensitive enough to fish with small and light lures around 20g. When you require to cast long distance with big lures, specially on wide rivers targeting big hucho, with this rod it is not a problem anymore. FWP-90H has been designed to cast big jig heads, minnows from 10 to 20cm or heavy sponge lures for hucho.
  • Fuji SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide
  • Fuji reel seat:DPS18
  • Made in Japan
Thông số kỹ thuật
Hình đại diện Model Chiều dài cần Chiều dài đóng Cân nặng Power Action Dải mồi Dây Số khoen Giá
Số Lượng Tình trạng
Yamaga Blanks FWP-90H 2.76m/2 khúc142cm208gHeavyFast20-100gPE#38 - Spinning 9,000,000
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