Thông tin sản phẩm
  • Early For Mobile Series
  • A multi-piece mobile rod series consisting of 3-4 pieces. Without acknowledging the performance that would be lost in exchange for portability, we thoroughly stuck to the feeling of use and excellent basic performance equivalent to a two-piece rod.
  • The high basic performance of the rod supports angler fishing, and high portability leads to high versatility in the true sense. 
  • Fuji SiC-S stainless steel frame K guide
  • Fuji reel seat: VSS16
  • Made in Japan
Thông số kỹ thuật
Hình đại diện Model Chiều dài cần Chiều dài đóng Cân nặng Power Action Dải mồi Dây Phù hợp máy Giá
Số Lượng Tình trạng
Early 84ML For Mobile 2.54m/4 khúc67cm126gMedium LightFast5-24gPE#0.6-1.2D LT2500-3000 / S 2500-3000 8,600,000
Mua Hàng
Early 76MMH For Mobile 2.3m/3 khúc80cm145gMMHFast8-55gPE#1-2D LT2500-3000 / S 2500-3000 8,600,000
Mua Hàng







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