Thông tin sản phẩm
  • Built with 13 fibers (12 HMPE fibers + 1 GORE® Performance Fiber in core) to guarantee consistently strong construction with no weak points for reliable braided line during casting, strikes and fighting action.
  • Construction increases the number of fibers at the knot resulting in better knot tying and stronger holding power.
  • A single strand of GORE® Performance Fiber surrounded by 12 precision braided HMPE fibers results in a “super-round” line that is smoother and quieter and long casting. 
Thông số kỹ thuật
Hình đại diện Model Đường kính (mm) Cuộn (m) Màu LB Test KG Test Japan # Giá
Số Lượng Tình trạng
Sufix131 Multicolor 300m 0.235mm300m5 màu30LB13.61kg#2 1,300,000
Mua Hàng
Sufix131 Multicolor 300m 0.285mm300m5 màu35LB15.88kg#3 1,300,000
Mua Hàng
Sufix131 Multicolor 300m 0.33mm300m5 màu40LB18.15kg#4 1,300,000
Mua Hàng
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